A glimpse of the fauna in Manaus, Brazil

October 04, 2015 Nature 0

Some enjoy hunting and take animals’ heads as trophies… I don’t see the purpose on that, but that is me. To me, watching the wildlife and taking photos as trophies are way more fun to me.


In the last weekends, I have visited some sites in the edge of the city of Manaus (thanks Tonny Peixoto for the tip about the location!!). The idea was to observe the natural fauna and feel the tensions between the city and the forest. This is not a personal project (not yet, at least), but an experience that photography allows me to have.


I must say: WOW! How nice is to get in touch with nature and observe and shoot (photographically, of course) the local fauna.


It is a patience exercise, sometimes you see nothing for a few hours and, suddenly, beautiful birds fly over your head and land on a tree branch; or a family of monkeys appears from nowhere,  jumping from branch to branch, and stop and look directly to you, analyzing you…


In my first visit, I was surprised by a white-throated toucan, a big one. It flew over my head and gently stopped on a tree branch to posed for the photo. In the second, I got a group of some pied tamarins that spent several minutes making noises and looking at me. I bet they were trying to tell me to leave that place and take all the humanity and human traces away from their home…


In my third attempt, I spent a couple of hours with no luck, and when I was leaving the place: boom! I got this Black-necked aracari. Unfortunately,  I did not get a nice shot of the aracari, but in my way back, I got this amazing sloth in front of me, facing me, kind of smiling on me. We interacted for several minutes, then we said goodbye and went our ways.


The photos you see in this post are the records for those moments. There is also a photo of me with my new sloth friend. That is a gift from my friend Vilar. Thanks!


You should click on the “arrowed X” in the top-right corner to see the photos in fullscreen mode.


No, I am, by no means, a nature photographer, but I certainly enjoy this interaction and, of course, photographing these little fellows. That is what photography is about: enjoying the moment!


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